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Hey everyone - Being on fire for God [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Surrendering to the call of Christ

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Hey everyone [Mar. 28th, 2007|01:47 pm]
Surrendering to the call of Christ


[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Hey everyone hows it going? You ever wonder if walk in the Lord is on the right track or you feel dry? Right now in my walk I am listening for him and trying to stay on the right path. recently I have been thinking about my walk, I don't want to serve the Lord because it is the right thing to do. I want to serve him because I love him. and I have been reading this bible called the message remix and earlier on this month, ( it has daily reading then it asks questions after) it had a question - What the difference between living by faith and trying to impress God? baisically it is asking do I live by rules or by faith and I am thinking about it a lot, am I living to impress God or a I doing it because I know it is right and that i love him. Take for example reading the word daily do I do it because I feel that it is a rule or because I want to. I have all these questions running through my head all the time. Plus I feel as thou I am not getting anything when I read the bible that I am reading it to basically ompress the Lord and I don't want to keep doing that so I have been talking to the Lord about it a lot. But the same question runs through my mind. "Am I living by Faith or am I living by rules?" TTYL. God Bless

From Paul